Meet Shanghetaa Alfred

I was Born and raised in beautiful tropical Malaysia with a passion for fashion and all things colourful.

It all begin when I was six, as I had an obsessive habit of mixing and matching the clothes of each ‘Barbie’ doll that anyone would buy for me, so much so that my parents became slightly amused with me, as they first thought that I was ‘destroying those beautiful dolls’.

But instead of discouraging my fascination, they encouraged and provided with many other materials, so that the ‘destroying’ would slowly develop into something much more beneficial to me.

As such, I have a wide range of fashion magazines and books which I could go on reading for hours as mentally rearranged the pictures that were in those magazines to create mental images to my liking.

Little did I know that this obsession was turning into a serious passion, and thus, that passion was pursued as I managed to successfully complete my Diploma in fashion designing at the age of 21.

But I realized that in order to become a better designer as a whole, I needed to familiarize myself with the media industry that is very closely linked with fashion.

It is often said that there is a fine line between being ambitious and being arrogant, but I believe that the goals that I have set for myself are both realistic and possible if I put my heart mind and soul into it.

One day hopefully I become a modern day designer who can promote the beauty of the Indian culture through designing and through write-ups.