Two months at home.

I have finally gone back to work!

Working from home for the past two months has been a great and exciting opportunity for me. The stay at home initiative was very relaxing and calming, as I have always wanted a break in life. A break where I did not have to go anywhere and could just stay at home.

I understand that the stay at home initiative was not of pleasure but instead to ensure the safety of the citizens due to the widespread of COVID-19. Interestingly, during this period, I managed to get on track with creating my blog and ensuring that I create content that interests people.

Staying at home has thought me ways to align my life to be consistent in what I do. Creating creative content has always been my passion but I never had the confidence in myself to execute it. Also, I barely had the time as on a normal day, I usually get very exhausted with school and work. This stay at home initiative has managed to spark my creativity, something that I had lost some time ago.

So much so that when I heard we had to go back to work I was not as excited. I started feeling anxious, thinking if I had used my time wisely during the stay at home initiative. But, reflecting on what I have achieved so far, I had to give myself credit. Being hard on myself was only giving me fear and sleepless nights, and it was not doing my mental and physical health any good.

On the first day back to work, it felt very different as we had to stand at a distance, physical contact with your co-worker was not allowed and everyone had to wear a mask. Not something I wanted to walk into, it did make me feel anxious but as soon as I saw my friends, everything changed, I was so happy to see them and know that they have been feeling the same way as I have too. We communicated through sign languages and shouting on top of our lungs to be heard behind the mask. It was truly exhausting as I was slumped by the end of the day, but seeing my friends again and working for a company that takes our health and safety very seriously gave me the comfort I needed to get through this new normal.

The message that I want to get out there regarding my experience is that staying at home may or may not have been fun, you may or may not have achieved something and you may or may not have just sat around all day and doing nothing but knowing that you may have done at least one thing even if it is playing a game or picking your clothes up from the floor, is an achievement despite how small it may be.

And going back to work may be terrifying and worrying due to the situation we are in, but know that there are people out there feeling the same way as you are feeling right now. It is normal to feel that way. You do you and everything else will fall into place.

My exact mood on the first day back to work!

My mood after seeing all my friends 🙂