Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (pronounced as: My-tray-ee) a name that you are going to remember. No more excuses, of not being able to pronounce our “complex” names. It is not that hard to pronounce, especially after it has been broken down for you. Ramakrishnan was amongst the 15,000 applicants that applied from around the world, who managed to land the role of Devi Vishwakumar.

Courtesy of: @neverhaveiever

Her only experience in acting was on stage in a school play, but Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher believed that Ramakrishnan was going to be a sensation like the young starts from Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why whom were launched by Netflix.

I have to admit, I was jumping with joy when I first found out that Ramakrishnan was a South Indian. Rarely do you hear South Indians getting an opportunity in Hollywood. The announcement of the show was also an excitement for many Indian girls out there who believe that they are finally being recognised and that their voices are slowly being heard. A series depicting the life of a first generation Indian American teenager.

However, this series is not only meant for the Indian diaspora, but to anyone that has experienced the same type of teenage life growing up. Ramakrishnan in an interview with Los Angeles Times says, “Devi, in my mind, is honestly like any teenager — guy or girl, Indian or not.”

Never Have I Ever is a series created by Mindy Kaling, loosely based on some parts of her life growing up. The series displays the difficult and unique life experienced by many first-generation kids, trying to navigate a traditional and often strict household. But at the same time has regular teen desires fir friends, popularity and romance.

The series follows 15-year-old Devi, a very bright high schooler whose flare-up and decision-making are often driven by a combination of emotions and hormones. She’s also trying to cope with the death of her father.

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