Quarantine and lockdown are mostly the words that we have been hearing while we stay at home and watch 2020 go by. Some would say they are enjoying the luxury of being at home (that person is me), but many may be struggling at the fact of being suffocated in four walls with no where to go.

This quarantine has really showed us the different levels of comfort people have. Some love the idea of going out and having fun and some love to just stay at home. Neither is wrong, it is just a different way of wanting to live.

Despite the struggle, people have become creative during these trying times. They have managed to stay positive and find ways to keep themselves sane and entertained at home, through social media, like Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat.

Quite a number of people have been documenting most of their day to day activities on social media for everyone to see, which is not a bad idea because these documentations are keeping people entertained.

Truth be told, it is fun to see what people have been up to and how we can some what imitate what they are doing, as one might have ideas that the other may not. For example, ever since the quarantine started, I have been documenting what I cook on Instagram. In reality, I hate cooking but trying my moms recipes has inspired me to show people that I can cook. Filters have also been my go to as they are interesting, funny and addictive. In the process of trying out these filters, I either have my friends in stitches or we end up mocking each other by commenting on each otherโ€™s goofiness online.

Not only have people become creative, but social media giants have been investing their time in ensuring that people are entertained through their services. For example, Instagram and Snapchat have created interactive filters that that have got their users hooked. Their filters are fun and also addictive, especially when you have the wrong answer!

Below are examples from Instagram, as it is the social media platform that I Below are examples from Instagram, as it is the social media platform that I mainly use, alongside 1 billion other people! Therefore, this post is all about entertaining Instagram filters ๐Ÿ˜€

SINGING THE GIBBERISH!! why did I not think of this! (courtesy of: @guessthegibberish1, Tik Tok by @jessjlord)

The exact representation of why the gibberish game is so addictive

Guess the Gibberish are one of many interactive filters that are present on their platform. There are other filters like Which Disney Character Are You?, 2020 Predictions, Which Kardashian Do You Look Like, various questionnaire filters and many more.


Not only are these filters fun for the users but they also are beneficial for the creators that have created them. This way of interactivity allows the creators to grow their Instagram audience.

10 Instagram filters that you should definitely check out!

  1. ‘Friends’ filter by @natali.zmi
  2. Disney filter by @arnopartissimo
  3. 2020 Prediction filter by @filippo.soccini
  4. ‘The Office’ filter by @anton.alpen
  5. Celebrity Look-Alike filter by @juliataskaeva
  6. Guess The Dialogue by @kirank215
  7. Random Questions by @amberspencephotography
  8. TMI TAG by @ainurtermizi
  9. Guess the Gibberish by @gu_christopher
  10. Floral Crown by @panderpdraws

Below are some of the many filters that I have used for fun and entertainment! MULTIPLE NUMBER OF TIMES!

Clearly the letter E is not my strongest letter. XD

Anything works for me. I am not a picky person. XD

So, while this lockdown is still persistent, go on Instagram, try all their filters and send them to your loved ones or post it on your IG stories for everyone to see! ๐Ÿ™‚