Simple Styling

During this rough times we would have to make do with whatever we have in our closet, unless we put the credit card to use and do online shopping. To be honest that might not be a great idea due to the many losses that we are facing during this current situation. Not many have a closet filled with various different types of clothing that they can keep rotating for different days. I personally can be counted as one who does not have much in my closet.

I love fashion, but people know very different sides of my fashion persona. In Malaysia, I’m the girl either with a red bindi and occasional colourful clothing or the girl who matches her bindi with the clothing she wears. In Canada, I am the girl who wears super dull outfits, a red round bindi and occasionally shocks people with a red turtle neck.

But, in all honesty I am most comfortable in house clothing a.k.a shorts, t-shirts and tracks, which is why I am enjoying this quarantine more that I should be.

According to an illustration by @verathenoodle on Instagram, I am “The Gayi-Guzri,” which simply means someone who stays in sweats and pyjamas all day πŸ˜€

Don’t be discouraged if you are not like me and you feel this quarantine is taking away the creative person in you. I have just the fashion remedy for you that will get you through this quarantine.

Below is an image of me before the quarantine trying to show how to style one skirt with various different crop tops. I did not post it then because it did not suit the situation.

Now, I realised how that one simple skirt can be very useful during times like this, where shopping is not an option. This ‘one piece simple styling’ also shows how we can reuse clothing without having the need to constantly purchase new pieces to suit the season.

The skirt can be styled with multiple different clothing, I did it with two different crop tops and added a statement earring to complete the look.

Below I have paired up different pieces that could go with one skirt. But, if you do not have a skirt, you can either use a scarf or a sarong ;D

This look is for all whom are out there zooming (I am pretty sure this is legit word right now) and juggling multiple different things at home.

Skirt: Nanushka

Blazer: Zara

Earrings: Jacquemus

Shoe: Common Projects

This look is for all whom are Netflix and chilling all day, but ocassionaly need to step up and do some adult things like meetings and going grocery. On a normal day this look may be a bit over the top, but for times like this where we can barely go anywhere, the grocery shop is a place to dress up for.

The tee can either be knotted at the back showing off part of your back or at the front showing off your abs.

Skirt: Nanushka

Tee: Zara

Shoe: Common Projects

Earring: Cult Gaia

Choker: Sophie Monet

This look is for all whom are fashionistas who are there to dress to impress despite the situation. They are always on their A game!

You can either unbutton the denim or tie it up (either at the back or front) showing the crop polka underneath.

Skirt: Nanushka

Denim: Nanushka

Crop: Zara

Shoe: Common Projects

Necklace: Masaba

There you have it, simple styling that can get your through this quarantine without having to buy new outfits.