Tuck It Right

This week on STYLED I will be using only one tee. Yes, you heard that right! one tee, it doesn’t have to be a specific style it can be anything you please.

I wanted to create something that everyone and anyone could wear especially during this unforeseen time where most are at home and shopping is not really an option.

This styling is also for people who did not think while packing, as I have been rotating between the five different t-shirts. But, in my defence I have not left the house in two months. So yea…XD

I decided to create different ways of wearing the same tee to multiply the number of times you can wear one tee before someone catches you wearing it for the 20th time. I called this series the ‘Tuck It Right’ series because of the different ways I have tucked the tee to create four different styles that can be used for either four different occasions or on repeat, just like what I have been doing with the five tees I have to make it look like I have various different clothes in my non-existent closet ๐Ÿ˜‰

That being said, there are more than four ways to tuck a tee, the reason I named this styling episode ‘Tuck It Right’ because it rhymed and it sounded nice.

The Slant Tuck

Tuck the tee under your bra, if you do not like wearing a bra, tie the tee with a hair tie tightly and tuck it near your bust area. This look elongates your torso and gives your look height.

When it comes to jewelleries you can either wear statement jewelleries (earring’s or necklaces) or go natural and not wear anything and let the tuckings speak for itself.

The Middle Tuck

The middle tuck is the OG of all tucking as it is the easiest look to pull off, especially if you want to show off your summer bods!

Simply just take the front portion off the tee into your bra and even the creases out. Once again If you do not like wearing a bra what you can do is fold the middle to a level you like and pin the sides to the back so that it holds the fold.

The Tube Tuck

This style does not involve you wearing the tee but instead tying the tee around your torso. If you are wearing a bra, what you can do is fold the collar inside and wrap the tee around the torso and tuck the sleeves into the bra. Another way you can do it is attach strings to the sleeves and use it to tie around your torso.

The Tie Tuck

This style is also a style that is most often used, where you tie the front part of your tee and tuck one of ties years in to give I a single knot look.

Simple, easy and quick to do if you are in a rush ๐Ÿ™‚

Editing: Shanghetaa Alfred (@shanghetaa)
Video: @kajaldhaneshwari
Song: Nalla Pilla | Sophia Akkara feat. Rolex Rasathy & Rebelle Perle
(In my video: Rebelle Perleโ€™s part)