This week on styled!

It’s almost bikini SZN Y’ALL!

Looking at the situation we are in right now, I personally do not think that going to the beach is currently an option. Especially with the travelling bans still in place and most countries are only now starting to open up some of their stores.

Don’t be discouraged by it tough, we can still put that bikini to full use by pairing it up with a bunch of other outfits to make it looking like your rocking the bikini street style instead of on the beach.

I just simply paired my cotton Zara bikini with my fave green Zara skirt fit for a night out or even a picnic with friends. That is one absolutely basic and simple way you could style your bikini,

Below are some different looks that you can pair your bikini with. πŸ™‚

The Fancy Schmancy

This is for someone who loves to go all when they dress up and look fancy!

You can either tie the cardigan and pull down the sleeves so it looks like an off-shoulder sweater or leave it open with your bikini showing inside πŸ˜‰

The Lazy Daisy

This look is for someone like me! couldn’t care less on taking so much effort in dressing that I would pull anything I see!

Hence, the pyjama style shorts and long denim shirt. Either unbutton the shirt and roll the sleeves up or unbutton it and tie.

A few pieces goes a long way in styling, you can interpret the clothing to your liking and have outfit for days!! without people noticing it.